Lucius V2 (VRCHAT/SDK3)

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[ Lucius ]

The streets bear witness to his ascent, marked by resilience and a willingness to spill blood to protect what he considers rightfully his



A remake of one of my old works ---> Lucius <---

Big thanks to everyone that supports me by purchasing this or any of my works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them ♥ ^ - ^


◂Custom Facial and Hand Gestures

◂Full Body Ready

◂Raliv's setup

Physbone in all the right places

◂Pecks bones so your "lovelies" can touch them :>

◂Clothing and Accessories Toggles

◂Different Jacket/Sweater options

◂Skin Color Adjust

◂Comes with blank body textures for an easy edit experience

◂Full range of Hue shift, Emission, Saturation, and Brightness adjustments for easy customization with no edits needed

◂Customizable Hair Styles and Colors

◂ Bloody decal toggle for a messy look ;o

◂Adjustable Elf Ears toggle

  • Bat with spikes to inflict maximum pain on your enemies >:b have hitting sound effect when colliding against other avatars
  • Cigarette by Garn Servo - Toggle on "Gesture Control" to pick it up with your piece sign hand gestures!
  • A motorcycle that comes with sfx and fire wheels that you can either place in the world to pose with or just hop on and drive around :)

  • Glasses with transparency toggle adjustment
  • A badass helmet for safety reasons ofc ♥


♡ Hairs, Jacket, Sweater, Pant, and Underwear were created by me and is available on my shop for purchase ♡

All assets below here are VERY HEAVILY EDITED by me, absolutely NO REUSE! Hover over names for links! (Please let me know if I missed anything, I will fix it asap!!)

Head: Ragga// Body/Texture: Misty/𝓵𝓾𝓷𝓲 //Jacket: Dalla1re//Pant: Kaycee//Bike: jaatech// Rings:The Oasis//Bracelet:LuxxiLunar//Shoes: The Thicc Witch//Helmet: Zyon//Chain: World_vr//Earrings: Xero//Necklaces: Latitia/RiggaTony//GoGo Loco: franada //Weenie: Skunny //Bat: ZinPia

HUGEE love and thanks to Libra.#0110 for the wonderful showcase/photoshoot ♥


(This model is made with Unity 2022.3.61, Please download it to your unity hub or via update your Unity via VCC if you want to use this package. LINK: unityhub://2022.3.6f1/b9e6e7e9fa2d)

- Open a new project (Putting these models in an OLD project with a bunch of other models could break your project)

- Use VCC (Vrchat Creator Companion) to import VRCSDK 3.0 version I used was 3.5.0 and VRchat Pipeline Manager was 0.1.27 (Get it HERE)

- Import Poiyomi PRO shader Version 7.3.50_to_9.0.26 NOT INCLUDED (Please join their Patreon to gain access to it HERE)-----> YOU NEED TO HAVE POIYOMI PRO FOR DPS TO WORK!

-Import Raliv's package version 1_31 (Get it HERE)-----> YOU NEED TO HAVE POIYOMI PRO FOR DPS TO WORK!

-Import the avatar package!

𝓣𝓮𝓻𝓶𝓼 / 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼: (By purchasing you’ve agreed to the rules below, fail to follow these rules will lead to a ban from my server or any future purchases)

- Absolutely NO sharing/price slit/distributing this package in any form of any ways

- You may NOT have this avatar on Public for Vrchat or any other games

- If you want to use any parts from this model for personal or commercial PLEASE purchase the assets from their original creators AND notify me before doing so (especially assets that are heavily edited by me, my full discord tag must also be in your credits)

- You MUST have basic knowledge of Unity if you want to use my products.

- If you can't afford the package for the full price, send me a message and we will talk about it. I won't bite :'c (Discord: .kitttyz)

- My products are non-refundable! Under no circumstances can a refund be provided due to the nature of the product being digital! PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU WANT IT AND READ THROUGH THE DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING!!!!

I want this!

PC Unity package ♥

Skinned Mesh Renderers
198 MB
Material Slots
37 (Due to particle effects)
Physbone Components
Particle System
Physic Collider Count
Audio Sources
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Lucius V2 (VRCHAT/SDK3)

21 ratings
I want this!